The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of EDU Website Redesign

Your website has seen the institution through all eras of the Internet—from the early days of internal data warehouse storage to today’s lead generating marketing demand machine. How can we design EDU websites that work smarter and more efficiently? And how do we get our countless stakeholders on the same page in the process?

These are questions all HEMs are tasked with answering. Whether you recently launched a new web presence or you are embarking on the next iteration of your digital storefront, there are some disruptions that are just—by nature of the world we live and breathe and the sheer amount of content and information we manage—unavoidable. Join us for this enlightening session where we’ll share commentary from our experiences working with institutions who have been through (or are going through) a website redesign. We’ll be candid about our experience with:

- The Beast that is ADA Compliance
- Interference from Stakeholders
- The Redesign Before the Brand
- CMS Framework & Development Issues
- The Never-Ending Website Redesign

Aaron Blau

Aaron Blau

Business Development Director
Converge Consulting

Aaron has been in your shoes. He’s worked as a digital and social media manager in higher education, worked with marketing and enrollment managers across the country as a consultant, and knows the challenges you face on a daily basis. From his work in both athletics and academics communications and marketing at the University of Iowa or his years of consulting experience, Aaron brings a wide variety of solutions to your challenges. If you want to talk BBQ or baseball, he’s also your guy.