Syncing Content From Cascade CMS to Chatbots

Chatbots are eventually becoming part of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages on our website. Integrating Cascade CMS and chatbot systems will solve two big challenges:

  1. Maintaining and syncing information in two systems.
  2. Training people to update content on the chatbot application.

In Cascade CMS, we create structured Data Definition blocks to maintain questions and answers and then use APIs to sync this content to chatbots with click of a button. This presentation will give a quick overview of the Azure platform to create chatbots and a demonstration of our integration of Cascade CMS and chatbot systems.

Prashanth Gurrala

Prashanth Gurrala

Sr Programmer & Cascade Tech Admin
Northern Illinois University

Working as Sr. Application developer at NIU for past seven years. Responsible for maintaining Cascade CMS Application Servers as well as developing and customizing templates and modules. Currently working on Chatbots, Beacons and Azure Cloud.