How to Use Cascade CMS to Prevent Accessibility Issues

Sometimes it seems as though End users are determined to ignore your Web Accessibility Policy. No matter how many training sessions you have, or how many emails you send, the same issues keep arising: missing alt tags, using text-heavy images, or non-descript link text, etc.

Seën Ventures is here to help! Learn how to prevent the most common Web Accessibility issues using Cascade CMS.

Lisa McWilliams

Lisa McWilliams

Program Manager
Seën Ventures LLC

Lisa McWilliams is the Program Manager at Seën Ventures LLC, a company she co-founded in 2017. Seën Ventures is dedicated to helping companies manage Web Accessibility within their CMS environments. The company has worked with several companies for either Accessibility or Cascade CMS development, including: Northwest Exterminating, Oglethorpe University, and DubBot LLC, Carnegie Mellon University – School of Engineering.

Previously, Lisa worked for Hannon Hill as the Services Project Manager. She appreciated the nearly 5 years she spent at Hannon Hill: implementing, consulting, or training, for 120+ Higher Education projects. Prior to this, Lisa worked as a Programmer Analyst for Boeing.