CARF - The Cascade CMS Adaptive-Row Framework

In late 2017, the University Web & Design team at William & Mary began brainstorming the next incarnation of the university's primary web presence.

The resulting design called for complex pages composed of an arbitrary number of customizable components (rows), of various types offering various capabilities, presented in arbitrary order on each page - with additional component types to be added over time, beginning immediately after launch.

Additional requirements included: managing our content in Cascade; publishing to front-end web servers running Apache and PHP; and, to ease the transition for our 1000+ web content editors in Cascade, supporting all existing content types within the redesigned framework.

The solution necessitated building not only new pages and page components, but a framework capable of managing an arbitrary assortment of components within each page.

We've dubbed our solution CARF - The Cascade Adaptive-Row Framework.

Andrew Bauserman

Andrew Bauserman

Senior Web Architect
William & Mary

Andrew Bauserman has been online since 1983, on the internet since 1987, on the web since 1994, working at William & Mary since 2001, bingeing podcasts since 2005, developing in Cascade CMS since 2008 and recently served/survived as tech lead on another web redesign.

Andrew's wife (Jill) is an educator, daughter (Courtney) is a college student, and two cats (Milo and Samwise) are nocturnal. He is an unapologetic science, technology, theater and audio geek and can be found lurking on most social networks under the name wabaus.