COPEing Mechanisms, How to Manage a Mobile App with Cascade CMS

At the University of Montana, we incorporate COPE concepts into our Cascade CMS implementation and web presence. With the launch of our UMontana mobile app, we were able to leverage existing content in Cascade as the source for of much of the app's content. We have also built a way for departments and programs campus-wide to generate new app content within Cascade with minimal involvement from the web team. Through these efforts, we've made content curation much more sustainable cross-platform and found ways to use our limited resources much more efficiently on campus.

We'll discuss using web analytics to set priorities for creating mobile content and using Cascade to deliver existing content by creating XML & JSON files for items like photograph feeds, degree offerings, student clubs, and departmental social media listings as well as our efforts to let department take ownership of specific content in our mobile app.

Kayla Pierson

Kayla Pierson

Web Team Manager
University of Montana

Web Team Manager at the University of Montana, I do a little bit of everything; design, development, and support. Our key objective is to empower content editors at UM while building a consistent user experience across UM websites.