Using Database Publishing for Dynamic Website Content

We're all familiar with publishing pages to web servers using Cascade Server. But did you know that Cascade Server can also publish to databases? Database Publishing can aid in the display of dynamic content on websites. This is particularly useful for large collections of pages, such as, faculty/staff listings, news and events, and any collection that may require tagging or categorization.

Jay will cover the fundamentals of database publishing, including the schema. He will also cover some advanced techniques to assist in record retrieval.

Jay Mercer

Jay Mercer

Assistant Director/Lead Developer
Indiana University

Jay is the Assistant Director/Lead Developer for IU Communications at Indiana University and has implemented scores of sites in Cascade Server. He has been working with Cascade Server for nearly 10 years, and along the way, has developed many innovative techniques to solve some critical problems. Jay has been instrumental in implementing some high-profile university-wide initiatives using Cascade Server, including course bulletins, University Policies site, export of course data to Student Information Services, and the IU Web Framework. He is an avid programmer and seems to always have his hands in a side project.