Speak to Your Students

As part of a website redesign project that introduced multiple audience-based sites, Wilfrid Laurier University'ss new web content strategy focused on our prospective- and current-student audiences. We even created a personalized site for our current students: students.wlu.ca.

This session would cover web writing best practices with a focus on writing for a student audience.

The session would also explore:

  • How content creators/editors should work with user experience designers to turn research results into content reality.
  • Getting on board with accessibility legislation. Following accessibility standards doesn't hinder web content - it only improves it!
  • Using results of card sorting, tree testing and labeling exercises to create meaningful, topical paths for students (and convincing the university community to lower their departmental boundaries to achieve this).
  • How to manage all this content in a decentralized model by employing technical tools, training editors properly, conducting audits, and being a service-oriented team.

Mallory O'Brien

Mallory O'Brien

Web Content Specialist
Wilfrid Laurier University

Mallory O'Brien is senior web content specialist at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada. Mallory joined the website redevelopment team in 2014 to oversee the content creation for the university's new web properties. Laurier's web strategy has not only launched a trend in postsecondary web design in Canada (the new wlu.ca won a Platinum Hermes Creative Award for website design) but also drastically increased the university's enrollment during a general period of decreased enrollment in Ontario. Mallory has also personally won Platinum Hermes Creative Award for her writing. She has a Master of Arts in Literature, Film, and Media.