Q Branch: Cascade Web Services for Every Situation

Q delivered to James Bond tools that were perfect for the situation Bond would be in. Using Cascade Web Services and Wing Ming Chan's PHP library, becoming Q for your website and content managers can be easy. From building WYSIWYG content blocks from plain text, to building page and and adding content blocks, and even automatically creating and updating faculty profiles, small tools built on Web Services can make laborious tasks easy. "Remember, if it hadn't been for Q Branch, you'd have been dead long ago."


  • How CNU converted plain text to HTML WYSIWYG blocks
  • How faculty data is pulled and parsed from Digital Measures, added to blocks, put on pages and published automatically
  • How to convert spreadsheets of data into pages of content, and more!

Jered Benoit

Jered Benoit

Assistant Director of Enterprise Services
Christopher Newport University

Jered Benoit is the Assistant Director of Enterprise Systems and led the 18-month in-house redesign effort at Christopher Newport University. Architect of Cascade sites, web services neophyte to better than average power user, James Bond enthusiast.