One Site Template with Dynamic Global Header and Footer

At the University of Central Oklahoma, Mark's team needed the ability to produce websites that would contain a dynamic, global header and footer. In addition, the header and footer would need to be:

1) Independently publishable

2) Dynamically included in all pages that use the same site template, and

3) Have a preview inside Cascade Mark will describe how he managed to achieve these requirements.

He will also discuss how the ability to publish the header and footer to multiple destinations, other than UCO's primary web servers, has allowed their Software Development Group to place web applications within the same theme as their websites.

Mark Nokes

Mark Nokes

Applications Administrator II - Web
University of Central Oklahoma

Mark A. Nokes earned his Bachelor of Music Degree in 2005 from the University of Central Oklahoma. He has performed in ensembles, as a solo guitarist, for film, and as a session guitarist. He is also the author of Modern Guitar Method: A Practical Approach. In 2012, he made a career shift to web development where he worked for EVision Worldwide followed by Cloud Web Team as a PHP developer. He is currently the Web Applications Administrator for the University of Central Oklahoma.