Hannon Hill Presentation: Cascade CMS 8 Series Review

Let's get back to the future! Grab your scrunchi and your boombox as we go on a journey through one of the greatest eras in Cascade history, the 8-ies! You will see not only the latest and greatest features of the 8.x series of Cascade but also a glimpse of what's to come!

Cascade 8 Prep Guide

Cascade Changelog

Mike Strauch

Mike Strauch

Lead Software Engineer
Hannon Hill

Mike has been with Hannon Hill for eleven years and is the Lead Software Engineer at Hannon Hill, where he develops and maintains the Cascade CMS codebase, works with the team to determine how the product should work and which features to add, and supports Cascade CMS clients via the help forums and other channels. Mike's favorite programming language is Java, and his hobbies include playing guitar, writing music, running and cooking.