Burning the Ground: Taking The Scorched Earth Approach To Launching a New Website Design

When your website has over 400 editors who've created 7,000 web pages using a design that is 8+ years old - the temptation might be to slap on the new design and call it a day! But not so fast! The web team at the University of Central Oklahoma saw this as an opportunity for a fresh start! In this presentation, Darren, Web Content Manager for UCO, will discuss their challenges of implementing a new design including:

THRILLS: Developing a mindset of a customer-focused content strategy

CHILLS: Coaching departments on revamping & restructuring their sites

IMPOSSIBLE FEATS: Building fresh, new pages - no copy/paste allowed

DREAMS: Reducing editors by asking for a small, empowered web content team

EXCITEMENT: Rapid (some might say ridiculous) timelines

FRIGHTS: All while moving forward with an upgrade from Cascade 7.x to Ocho

You will gain from our pain! Join us for all this and more!

Darren Denham

Darren Denham

Web Content Manager
University of Central Oklahoma

Darren is the Web Content Manager for University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) where he has worked since 2005. With a background in broadcasting and marketing, he enjoys collaborating with students and faculty, finding new uses for existing technologies, conducting technology training and researching new classroom innovations. Darren feels blessed to have a wife who is much smarter than he and has one daughter nearing the end of high school and another attending college at UCO (very cool!). Darren can be found Tweeting about academic uses for the iPad, cool apps, DIY cosplay crafting and content strategy via @DarrenWasHere & www.DarrenWasHere.com