Into the Cuckoo's Nest: Creating Customized Website Searches

Want to make your site searchable, but want something more selective than what Google search tools provide, leveraging your structured data? Using PHP and MySQL, learn how Cascade Database Publishing can help create fast and dynamic searches for your website content.

At Reed we use Google Custom Search tools, but we've been asked to make some of our Cascade content searchable based on specific pieces of information normally restricted to one or more structured data definition fields. Since Database Publishing normally limits page content to a single database column, unless you place all your data in meta-data, it may not seem a good candidate for creating a custom search engine. However, by leveraging Configuration Set Outputs, selective Content Type Output Publishing, XML, and REGEX, we could create quick, highly customized searches for our websites. While focused on Database Publishing, the techniques mentioned could be extrapolated to create dynamic searches using only PHP and XML output from Cascade.

Erik Gorka

Erik Gorka

Senior Web Programmer/System Administrator
Reed College

Erik Gorka is a web programer and system administrator at Reed College and has worked with Cascade Server for over ten years. He is the primary administrator for Cascade at his school, providing back end server maintenance and front end support for users and web developers.