Training Your Campus On Cascade Server: Techniques That Really Work

Even though Cascade Server is very easy to use, for some members of the campus community, it can be an intimidating program to learn. The University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) will discuss several of the training techniques developed since launching Cascade Server in 2009. Join us and learn about the many ways you can make your web content training not just efficient, but effective! Specific topics to be addressed include:    

  • Tips & Time-savers for the login process
  • Benefits of limiting class enrollment
  • Teaching just the "essentials"  
  • Why paper manuals still matter
  • Weaving accessibility into the training process
  • Keeping it simple without talking down to your customers  
  • Benefits of a dedicated training site and pre-building your training environment
  • Faculty, staff and students: all skill-sets are not created equal

Darren Denham

Darren Denham

Web Content Manager
University of Central Oklahoma

Darren is the Web Content Manager for University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) where he has worked since 2005. With a background in broadcasting and marketing, he enjoys collaborating with students and faculty, finding new uses for existing technologies, conducting technology training and researching new classroom innovations. Darren feels blessed to have a wife who is much smarter than he and has one daughter nearing the end of high school and another attending college at UCO (very cool!). Darren can be found Tweeting about academic uses for the iPad, cool apps, DIY cosplay crafting and content strategy via @DarrenWasHere &