Not Just for the Web: Cascade Server and Mass Email Messages

In this session, David Lodge will explain how UCO took a daily newsletter sent to their faculty and staff from a hand-typed email message in Outlook to an automated system using a standardized template and full HTML formatting in Cascade Server, along with some server-side scripting. He will cover:

  • The templates and XSLT formats created to generate both the HTML body of the email message and an XML-based metafile providing information for the email headers and scheduling scripts
  • Shell scripts running on the web server to automatically send out new emails at the specified times when they are published to the server  
  • Creating an online archive of the email messages  
  • Ways to expand the system to handle a wide variety of mass email tasks  
  • Pros and cons of this system with respect to other solutions we use

David Lodge

David Lodge

Web Services Manager
University of Central Oklahoma

David has been the Web Services Manager for the University of Central Oklahoma since 2009, and has worked with their Cascade installation from the beginning. He loves working under the hood with the XML and XSLT formats, and finding new ways for Cascade to do his job for him. He lives in Oklahoma City, in a household controlled by his daughter and her dog and cat.